Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anderson, Not Guilty Verdict

In actuality, "Not Guilty" does not mean "Innocent".  Very seldom, if ever is the term innocent used when a person is let loose from a crime, so obviously committed, or seemingly so. Casey's verdict shocked me.  For one thing, and the only thing that seems to make sense that this girl is a guilty Sociopath, is that she partied away - giving out different tales of where her daughter was. This went on for 30 days.  This was a baby, and babies have to be accounted for every moment of the day.  And she had been apart from this child for quite some days.  But, to our dismay, and perhaps it should be for our satisfaction too, the Justice System does work.  The Jurors are not bound by dramatics as we witness on popular television shows.  Our High Courts must prove a person "Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt" and since so many things were circumstantial in this case, they could not find her guilty, is the point.  Not that they found her innocent either.  The same with the O.J. Simpson trial.  Some murders are so strange and complicated that the perpetrators probably can't believe they're let off so easily but when a case comes like this, the Jurors seem to have no choice but to do what is legally right, not go by emotions....

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